About Us

We are the BEST in Service.

Bike Rentals in Goa(BRiG), pioneered the motor bike and car rental and tour business in Goa, in 2008. Since then, the brand has become synonymous with motorbike and car adventure throughtout Goa. The company offers multi-brand rentals, guided and self-guided tours, apparel and service as it continues to expand its reach. We offer hotel or airport pickup, locked storage, free parking, and helmets.

Play your favorite biker anthem, grab a fistful of throttle and roll on out to a life-affirming adventure that will change you forever. There are places on the paved side of this planet that can only truly be experienced by a motor bike, where life in the wind heightens the senses and expands the spirit of every freedom seeking soul. At Bike Rentals in Goa (BRiG), we provide motor bikes and design tours for men and women not meant for the average citizen. Novice or expert, bikers are a breed apart, and so are our programs. We are one of you, and understand the pure primal joy only motorbiking.

24/7 Customer Service Support

We are the Only Bike / Car rental service that has a dedicated team which is available 24x7, no matter what the situation is, we will help you get out of it. We also arrange Pick-up and Drop-off at the airport, railway station and all bus stands at a minimal cost.